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VisionNet Email Forums are ways that New Zealand Christians can get together to share with each other on issues of interest to help us work together better whatever church we belong to.
The Forums were set up at the 1999 VISION NZ Congress, to enable those who worked in some of the discussion groups to further the work of specific areas of Christian ministry in New Zealand.

Forums connect you a group of people of similar interest so that your email messages can be sent to the whole group, and you receive email from other members of the group.

Who Can Apply

Only NZ Christians should apply
Those who have some experience of the theme of the particular forum.
Those who want to contribute to the discussion of the forum.
The forums are private and members of the forums should not pass on application information to others, but ask them to apply through the moderator.

How To Apply

You need to apply by email to the Moderator of the forum, explaining who you are. It would help if you explained your interest in the forum subject.
The Moderator will then give you the information of how to subscribe the forum.

Forums Available

Children – Jan Catley
Youth – Duncan MacLeod
Theology – Deb Burton
We hope that more forums will be available later
Have any queries? – just email me.
Brian Brandon


How to Be Hosted
on VisionNet
Why Host My webpages on VisionNet?
My Web Address or Domain Name
Website Services
Installing My Website
Publishing your own website
Sites hosted on VisionNet
Your church now has a great opportunity to be displayed on the internet through VisionNet hosting.
NZ churches have only just started to realise the benefits of having their own webpages. In December 1996 there were just two church websites. In January 1998 there were about 35 local churches in New Zealand who had websites of their own, now in 2000, there are at least 186. But expect to see that number grow rapidly.

Christian organisations have got onto the internet faster than churches, as they realise the benefits to them of good communications. World Vision, Radio Rhema, Dynamite Bay, YWAM, The Gospel and Culture Trust, and the Bible College of New Zealand are a few of those who have excellent sites.

To help spread the gospel and share about your church with others the internet is a modern form of communication that has many advantages. Because you store information on a webserver, pages are accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Your work reaches to those who are interested, even in isolated places. You can continually update your information, and what you display remains in your control, unlike publishing through most secular media.

It is also cost effective communication. That is helped even further when churches are able to work together by hosting webpages on one site. VisionNet can offer big savings in costs if you host your webpages with us.

Why Be Hosted On Vision Net?
There is a cost advantage of not setting up another ISP account. If you as a pastor, or webmanager are already connected to the internet, there is no need to have another ISP account for your church in order to get a website, saving all those ISP fees.
Give your church a separate domain name. You don’t have to use a personal domain name for your church, which means that if you move, the church doesn’t have to change its domain.
Enable other people access to uploading to the website if required. A personal website should remain personal, but a VisionNet website will have its own password that can be used by whoever you want to upload to the site.
Avoid those nuisance banners on so called `free’ websites. There are some sites overseas who offer `free’ websites, but they fund this from advertising banners which they put on your pages which spoil the look of your page and distract the visitor.
Competitive rates for hosting on VisionNet. If you are not already connected to the internet, it will cost you setup fees to join, and domain name hosting charges if you have a registered domain. It is possible for you to get a basic display of webpages as I have described above for from $50 per year on VisionNet. Refer to charging system below. That is remarkably cheap advertising.
Annual Fees for Simplicity. No extra set up fees or traffic use fees.
My Web Address or Domain Name
If you have your website hosted on VisionNet you will have your own web address (URL) which can directly access your site.
This will either be

an extension of the VisionNet address. ie: <>,
or your own registered domain name ie: <>.
There is no extra charge for having a VisionNet address, but you will have to pay Domainz for setting up and maintaining your own domain name. ($83.25 initial cost and $59.63 per year thereafter).
We handle registering your domain name for you. If you already have a registered domain name, we can change the registration details for you.

Website Services

You upload or change your website as often as you like at no extra cost.
CGI scripts as arranged.
Basic counter or access to full visitor information as required..
Free email forum service for sites over 500kb.
General Advice to help you get the best out of your service
Monthly email newsletters from us to keep you up to date.
For those with a registered domain name we can supply you with two email addresses linked to that name for all sites under 200kb, and up to five email addresses for sites over that size.

Installing My Website

You will be able to load and maintain your website directly, preferably using an FTP programme.
When you are ready to install your website, our server coordinator will give you a password and a login ID for access to your site, and any help you need.

You should always keep your master copy of your website on your own computer, as a basis for updating, and for security purposes. We do not keep back-ups of your website for you.

While you may be able to estimate costs as you prepare material, VisionNet will work out the costs for you when material is inserted, and send you an invoice/statement.
Basic Fee: $50 per year for 100kb site (plus free membership)
50kb-500kb: plus $20 per 100kb per year.
500kb -1mb: plus $10 per 100kb per year.
1mb +: plus $2 per 100kb per year.
Additional Data Fees are cumulative. For example:
100kb website will cost $50/yr.
500kb website will cost $130/yr.
1mb website will cost $180/yr
2mb website will cost $200/yr.
5mb website will cost $260/yr
10mb website will cost $360/yr
There are no extra domain name or domain hosting charges, but if you have a registered domain, the normal Domainz charges apply.


Those hosted on VisionNet nominate the size of site they want to purchase at set up time, and the annual payment is based on that. We send you an account. If at any time you want to increase your website size, we ask that you request the increase from us, and we will send you an account for the increase.
Happy web publishing!



Get on board now to make sure you don’t miss out on the information revolution.

Applying for a Free Listing
Applying for a Description Listing
VisionNet Standards
Online Application Form

Please note:
VisionNet is a site for listing only New Zealand Christian churches and organisations.

Free Listing and Free Link

A listing is placed on the `Church’ or ‘Christian Organisation’ search engine and classified by region and denomination (for churches) or category (for organisations). Any church or oganisation can have a free listing, even if they are not on the internet.

We will also put onto our directory, information which has been obtained through an arrangement with `Christian Contact’. Our lists for some areas are also supplied to them, to be included in their directory. Any listing which is not complete or inaccurate for this reason, please send in a correction by completing the application form below.

To apply for a free listing or link fill in the response form below. A free listing will contain the name and contacts of your organisation under the appropriate category and region on the search page. We can provide you with a free link to email or your own website. You should inform us whenever the information changes. Your application may be submitted by email or post.
Example 1: (listed under `Churches’) (not an actual church)
Main Presbyterian Church. – Presbyterian, Hamilton
12 Main Street, Hamilton. Contact: Rev John Apostle, 14 Main Street, Hamilton. ph: 07-847-1111.
Example 2: (listed under `Church Organisations’) (not an actual organisation)
Generous World Aid. President: Ms Betty Smith, P.O. Box 23456, Dunedin. ph: 03-477-5678. fax 03-477-5679. email: . website: (free links)

Changes to your free listing can be made at any time by submitting a revised application form below.

Description Listing
A paid service which is additional to your free listing and inserted as a highlighted message directly below your free listing. You may add up to 30 words to describe your church or ministry.

The more information you can share about your church, organisation, programme or event, the more support you will receive. This is a great way to advertise your service times and describe your church.

Cost: $12 per year. No charge for this if you are a VisionNet VIP Advertiser..

Example 3: Main Presbyterian Church . – Presbyterian, Hamilton.
12 Main Street, Hamilton. Contact: Rev John Apostle, 14 Main Street, Hamilton. ph: 07-847-1111. Sunday services – 10am & 7pm. Creche available. Alpha programme – Wednesdays 7pm. Boys and Girls Brigades. Seniors – Tuesdays 10am. A church for families, reaching out to the community.

May be posted in or sent by email. A Description Listing may be added to your free listing or changed at any time, but we would ask that you choose wording that is not going to require changing often.
All prices include GST
Payment should be made within one month of invoice/statement or we may remove your listing.

Where relevant, the address to e-mail information to is and the address to post information to is 22 Wyllie Road, Papatoetoe 1701, Auckland.
VisionNet Standards

VisionNet reserves the right to editorial control of material on this site.
We will only host or link to material from churches and groups which is in accordance with the foundational beliefs and practices of the Christian faith as expressed in the Scriptures, and summarised in the VISION New Zealand `Statement of Belief.

Because of the NZ Privacy Act 1993, any personal information that is not already publicly available, supplied to us for insertion on VisionNet, such as names of personnel, addresses, or website material, etc, is deemed to be given with the consent of the person/s concerned, and should have their full approval before submitting to us.

You also consent to us making the Christian church or organisation directory information available to other Christian organisations at our discretion.

Should you find personal (or any other) information on this site which is inaccurate, please immediately contact us with any corrections. There will be no charge for such changes.

Application Form
For Free Listing, Description Listing Or Membership



Sending this application form implies your acceptance of the VisionNet standards. To make any corrections to an existing listing, please send another completed application form with the changes entered.


“Listen I am giving you the words you must speak.
Today I give you authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.”
-Jeremiah 1:9-10

Your page to comment on major NZ current issues
from a Christian point of view.
We welcome articles in response to the ones below.


Anti Homosexual Video Legal Case

Ban Overturned News Reports

Same Sex Couples, Marriage, and the Law

Demise of the Family in the year 2000 – Graham Capill(a very detailed and important paper in view of submissions closing date of 7th July)
Same sex couples and the law – Arnold Turner
The Property Rights of Same Sex couples – Arnold Turner
Spouse or Partner? – Arnold Turner
Brian Brandon – VisionNet Newsletter Comment
Reflections on Study Leave
Harry Potter et al
Actually Nothing New – response from Mark Campbell
I Love Little Miracles
No Marijuana Decriminalisation
The Good Friday Holmes Show
Brian Hathaway – Just Wondering About
Cultural Diversity
What I Believe
Motivational Preaching
Building Empires
Ultimate Goals
Competion Is Not Christian
Evangelism’s Secret Weapon
Why Work?
Are motives important?
Our world vulnerable to economic collapse
Excitement isn’t everything
Does church planting work?
Preaching or hot air?
What is genuine revival?
Theology at Work
God’s Gift Unwrapped. Deb Burton studies `Grace’

VisionNet Comment Editorial Policy

1. This is a service to the Christian community and public of NZ. We will include articles of no more than 2,000 words, that are well researched, reasoned and relevant for the major and controversial issues facing NZ society today. You decide the issues. We are happy to include material that has already been published, or is to be published elsewhere as well.

2. We seek material from an orthodox Christian point of view, and will not necessarily publish all sides of an issue for that reason. We are looking for articles in the style of news and opinion, rather than sermons or Bible Studies. The VisionNet Comment Editor has the right to refuse to publish any article.

3. We will mainly wait for articles to be submitted to us, and will only accept them for publishing with the authors’ consent. We are mainly interested in NZ authors, or overseas people resident in NZ.

4. Articles will remain on site for as long as they are still of current interest.

5. We will not accept notices or advertising, on this page.

6. We will not enter into debate on any issues. Any correspondence is to be sent to the authors of the articles, not to VisionNet, though we welcome suitable articles of a different point of view to already published ones.

7. VisionNet and VISION New Zealand disclaim all responsibility for any specific views expressed, but require that they are within the standards of VisionNet.

8. This is a free service, and we do not pay for any articles published.

9. Any copyright restriction should be added by the author if it is to apply, otherwise articles will be without copyright, though we ask that the author and VisionNet be acknowledged.

10. Articles should be sent in by email – preferably in the body of the email itself – to avoid compatibiblity problems with different word processing programmes.

Please email VisionNet Comment with your contributions

©1997 Vision New Zealand Webgroup
Web Coordinator: Rev Brian Brandon



How you can insert an advertisement

We can insert any kind of notice here.
If there is no category for it already we’ll make one!


Products And
General Notices
Christian Organisations
Bible Studies
Conferences Available
Missions Speakers
Computer Products
Social services
Theological education

Employment wanted
Web Authoring
Videos & Tapes
Products and Services


Kodesh Christian Community
Close Auckland city, 31b Cradock Street, Avondale.
B&B $45 double, $30 single.
Contact: Sue, Gayle. PO Box 19-404 Avondale, Auckland.
Ph 09-828-5672; fax: 09-828-5684; email.
I’d like to get Christian travellers into Christian homes.
Do you need someone for housesitting while you are away?
Anyone who has got a spare room and one or more beds in it and would like to
have a guest once in a while –
Please contact: INGRID c/o Troughtons,
129 Oceanbeach Rd., Mt.Maunganui
Bible Studies

Church Leadership is a key new interactive study produced by Church-Based Training (NZ).
This course is an ideal tool to help you and your leadership team both study and interact on the nature of Biblical leadership. In Church Leadership you get an integrated, comprehensive look at what it means to be a Christian leader.
Studies include The Spirituality of a Leader, The Character of a Leader, Shepherding: Caring & Protecting and Equipping: Bringing All to Maturity and Some to Leadership.
For a more in-depth look at this great new course, head to < >


The Exploring Track courses just released by CBTNZ have been designed for
use with new believers or those who have not developed greatly in their
understanding of the Christian faith. Some of these six lesson, user-friendly booklets are also suitable for ³Home Group² use.
Courses are mostly “Christian jargon free,” while lessons are short and concise. Articles used are from popular magazines such as Discipleship Journal. Courses include Getting Started With God, Keeping Company With God, Living For Others and Understanding The Essentials.

For more information on this and other great CBT(NZ) courses, head to <> Free sample lessons from this and other CBT(NZ) courses are available by ordering on-line at <>


Kodesh Christian Community
Individual, or small group retreats. Spiritual Direction by arrangement.
31b Cradock Street, PO Box 19-404 Avondale, Auckland.
Director: Rev Geoff Stevens, Ph 09-828-5672; fax: 09-828-5684; email.
Computer Hardware & Software

Office Manager
Office Manager is a complete Windows 95 (or better) bookkeeping and supporter management system for non-profit and church organisations.
Office Manager can be customised to meet your organisations specific requirements and your existing databases can be easily imported into Office Manager.

Office Manager has been specifically designed by and for non-profit and church organisations and incorporates many features that are common to non-profit and church organisations, but are not found in business software.

To get more information and to download a free trial version, visit our web-site.

We sell Video/Data Projectors, Laptops and video editing packages, which have allowed many churches to produce and present professional quality material to large groups of people. We also do website design.
Webbuilders, a web based business, believes that many Churches and Church groups have been paying too much to buy the computer equipment they need. If your Church or group are looking at purchasing new equipment contact Webbuilders, you may be surprised at the savings and advice that you received.

Contact Darren Frazer, 50 Dundonald Street, Dunedin, ph 03-454-3909, phmb 025-230-2386.


Christian Literature
VISION New Zealand Books
“NEW VISION New Zealand Vol II” & “The VISION New Zealand Congress 1997”
Discount rates (incl GST & post). Recommended Retail Price: $25.95 (incl GST)
For 10 books or more: $20 each!! For 100 books or more: $15 each!!
Orders to :
VISION New Zealand, 429 Queen St, Auckland 1 Tel 09 377 4063 fax 09 307 2628
by Rev Dick Tripp
Dick has now put the full text of all his 17 booklets on the
Christian Faith onto a website: address <> or
<>. You may find these useful for sermon
material, study groups, personal evangelism or discipling Christians.
They are especially popular with Alpha Churches.
Order from Dick Tripp Publications, R D 1, Lyttelton, New Zealand.
Price: $4 each (Science booklet: $8) plus postage:
$1.50 for up to 7 booklets and $3.00 for over 7.

A report for the New Zealand Education Development Foundation
by Bruce Logan
Does it matter that in New Zealand fewer people are getting married than
ever before?
A must read for those seriously concerned about the restoration of civil
society and the preservation of the democratic process.
Only $10.00 per copy
50 Acacia Avenue
Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand
Ph 03-343-1570 Fax 03-343-0569

New Zealand’s only Christian journal of social and political and educational analysis.
Current articles:
Education is Political – an examination of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum.
De Facto Bill puts individual Rights before family needs.
Genes drive our sexual behaviour?
The missionary as an agent of commercial and cultural oppression
– the truth is rather different.
Most universities subscribe – so should you.
It is a stimulating, coherent and intelligent resource.
Recommended donations of $30/year to –
NZEDF, 50 Acacia Avenue, Riccarton, Christchurch, 8004, New Zealand.
Ph 03-343-1570; fax 03-343-0569.
email: either by cheque or credit card.

By John Walton, Pastor of Palmerston North New Life Church.
A highly recommended book for all church and para-church leaders.
142 pages of valuable ministry insights gained through 30 years of pastoral and leadership experience.
Crucial subjects such as `The leaders role is to guide not control’, ‘How to discern the Physic from the real’, ‘Making safe changes’, are covered.
Cost $NZ15.00 to Christian Mission Trust, PO Box 1031, Palmerston North.
Check out fuller details and order from at the website:
Our small-size magazine is doing a giant-size job in hundreds of thousands of Kiwi homes where people are often hurting more than they let on.

Grapevine’s a not-for-profit, charitable organisation . launched nearly 20 years ago . very dependent on community support . and totally committed to ‘giving families a lift’. A colourful, reader-friendly family magazine, it’s published four times a year, and delivered free to sponsored streets in large cities, small towns and rural areas by commercial contractors.

Here are some of the beaut magazines we’ve published recently:

a.. ‘Punch-Up In The Pantry: Coping With Conflict At Home’
b.. ‘Keeping Families Together In A World That Pulls Families Apart’
c.. ‘Falling In Love And Staying In Love’
d.. ‘Happy Kids – How To Grow Them?’
e.. ‘A Busy Father’s Guide To Doing Dad-Stuff Well’
f.. ‘The Incredible Cost Of Divorce!’
g.. ‘Desperately Seeking Grandma’
Ring 0800-GRAPEVINE if you’d like to know more incorporating Grapevine into your neighbourhood or church outreach . or snail mail your details to and we’ll send you a FREE COPY of the latest issue . ‘What Men Wish Their Wives Knew About Male Midlife Madness’.




Clay Pots – Missions Giving
Every year Baptist Churches do a special missions promotion. This year we have a special clay ‘perfume bottle’ that is made in Bangladesh. Our theme is ‘In clay pots’ and we encourage people to think about the treasure they have within them and the need to share that treasure. The pot has to be broken to get the money! There are all sorts of wonderful spiritual lessons in this simple object.
We have 2,500 too many pots! We’re willing to help any church or group of churches with the whole deal if they are keen to increase mission interest. Suitable for churches of any denomination. They can use it for their own missions giving and supporting their own missionaries. The pots, sermon outlines, kids activities, plays, skits, meditations, prayers… the works!! Cost is only $2 per pot (one pot per family). If you want to double your mission giving and create a service or series of services that your congregation won’t forget in a hurry. Email us for orders or more details.



The Parish of Upper Riccarton-Yaldhurst, Christchurch is currently fundraising for a new Austrian Rieger mechanical action pipe organ which is to replace the 126 year old Hill pipe organ. The Hill organ is for sale by tender in the $15,000-$20000 range (as is where is).
A marvellous CD “Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs” has been produced by the choir and instrumentalists It has been praised by all who have heard the 31 tracks and is on sale @ $22.50(plus postage) – an ideal Christmas gift. Phone 03-348-2895 for purchases of CD or information on Hill organ.

Contact PO Box 6088, Christchurch; ph/fax 03-348-5653; email –


Are you frustrated in your attempts to see people grow and change?? Lifeway
College offers an established diploma level training program that will take
you into in-depth professional work with people. The diploma in counselling
is NZQA accredited and prepares students to work in both secular and
Christian environments. Part-time and full time study options are
available, with only 45 minutes drive north from central Auckland. See our
website at or contact the registrar, Lifeway College on
09-425-4054 or write to PO Box 303 Warkworth.

Have you thought about a career in the Video or Television Industry? Do you
want to train in camera work, lighting, video editing, directing and producing.
Lifeway College offers the National Certificate in Film and Television.
A one year NZQA accredited course.
See our website at
orcontact the registrar, Lifeway College on 09-425-4054
or write to PO Box 303, Warkworth.
Wycliffe Bible Translators (NZ) has developed a Bible-based programme that explains exciting ways in which members of your church can become truly effective senders. If applied, the concepts will revitalise your people and your church programme.
Every year hundreds of men and women enter the world’s harvest fields armed with God’s Great Commission. These missionaries go so others can hear the Good News. They are sent by His church to preach the Gospel.
Why be a sender?
Who is called to be a sender?
When do senders go into action?
Where do senders work?
How do we form a sending team?
For further information contact Wycliffe Bible Translators (NZ):
Auckland: email
Wellington: email
Christchurch: email
Free Phone: 0508-992-543

Wycliffe Bible Translators (NZ) has developed a Bible-based programme that explains exciting ways in which members of your church can become truly effective pray-ers. Learn how to break through in intercession, making your prayer more effective.
Learn to pray through:
the Veil (using the Tabernacle Pattern)
to Spiritual Realities (Spiritual Warfare)
in focus
using the Word
in the Spirit
For further information contact Wycliffe Bible Translators (NZ):
Auckland: email
Wellington: email
Christchurch: email
Free Phone: 0508-992-543
Web Authoring

Tom Lumb
Christian websites authored:
Festival Singers of Wellington (,
Lighthouse Community Centre (
Programmes used: FlexED32 html editor, Photoshop.
Other info: Please provide basic text on disc. Have a 1200dpi scanner.
Charge: about $30/hr plus GST
Contact: Box 17-189 Karori, Wellington 6033. email:
World Net Design and Hosting
John Rooney
Discounts for Christian website design
6 page package: $195 reg: $390.
12 page package: $360 reg: $720
18 page package $495 reg: $990
24 page package $600 reg: $1200
Additional charges for specialised graphics or content.
All clients will get 1hour consult with regard to their site.
Example of website authored:
ph 021-213-7089
open i
Peter Murray
Websites developed: Blenheim Apostolic <>
Motivation Ministries <>.
Charge $40 including GST per hour.
Authoring programmes: Homesite and various graphics programs, Perl CGI scripts if necessary.
Scan any graphics supplied.
Own web page <>
80A McLauchlan St, Blenheim
Ph 03-578-1316 or phmb 025-249-7673

Website already authored: Auckland Baptist Tramping Club.
Basis of charging: by arrangement, based on estimated time taken plus costs.
Having text material ready will reduce costs. Authoring offered includes setting up the website plus regular updating (as frequently as weekly,or as required) .
Web authoring program used: Splash. Photos, etc. scanned at minimal cost.
Use your own website space, Vision Net website space and/or free website space such as GeoCities, etc. Can communicate, take and complete orders by email anywhere in NZ or elsewhere.
Contact: John McCarthy at, or phone 09-630-4073

The owner of New Zealand Video Tours has made us an offer we cannot refuse. This Christian Businessman wants to assist SGA’s, Ministry to Orphans, Prisoners, and Christians in Russia, through this generous offer……………
55 minutes long, highlighting the spectacular scenery of New Zealand from North Cape to Bluff. Beaches, Farm Lands, Mountains, Bush, Mountains, Lakes, and more.
Just $30.00 each….plus postage and packaging of $3.00 anywhere in N Z. This special discounted price is possible only through SGA. Normally costs $39.95 in leading retail stores.
This video is popular with the Asian community. A gift for your overseas visitors or missionary friends.
Available in various languages. If sending overseas please indicate which country.
Contact SGA. Ministries, PO Box 10-156, Dominion Rd., Balmoral, Auckland.
Ph 09-630-3934. Fax 09-630-0784. Email:
YWAM InTouch Camp tapes.
Speaker: DAN SNEED
Dan Sneed has pastored in the USA for many years under the mentorship of
Jack Hayford. His life’s message is to encourage people to find their
identity in Christ. He has authored a book on this subject.
8 Audio tapes $50, 6 Videos $108, or separately.
Coming soon: Videos of Aucklands Transformations Conference
Write for complete list of titles & pricing.
Faith Tapes, P.O. Box 12357, Hamilton.
ph 07-853-8285; fax 07-853-8286
See our website for titles:

“Who is Jesus?” is a new tool for Evangelism. Compiled from the popular Visual Bible version of Matthew’s Gospel, this is a dramatic account of the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. It gives a powerful presentation of God’s plan of Salvation in 22 minutes! The presentation is followed by a 7-minute testimony by Bruce Marchiano, the actor who portrayed Jesus.
Ideal to give to non-Christian friends or new converts.
$15 each, quantity discounts for 10+.
Faith Tapes, P.O. Box 12357, Hamilton.
ph 07-853-8285; fax 07-853-8286


Conferences Available
ACTS International (Inc) is currently booking seminar dates for 2001, for anywhere in New Zealand.
We offer the seminar “Loving and Understanding Yourself and Others”.
The chairman of the board of trustees of ACTS, Barrie McClymont, will be conducting the New Zealand sessions. The seminar (three sessions … in total four hours) covers, stress, action and reaction, perspective, self discovery, forgiveness and grace, marriage, resolution, and prayer that works.
See ACTS International’s website: . Contact for further information: Barrie McClymont, Ph 09-834-4567; Fax 09-834-4081; PO Box 45-121, Auckland 1230, or e-mail:


Immigrants to NZ should be golden royal investments – often they are neglected foreign coins in a bottom drawer!
* “How can I as immigrant be a golden asset for Christ in my new country?”
* “Our church’s immigrant-outreach needs advice on minting golden assets for Christ”
* “How could I support Shaphan Outreach in minting gold Immigrant Coins for Christ”
* “I speak Afrikaans – how can I can be a golden asset for Christ in my new country”
If you could are interested in any of these questions, get the full info-brochure:
Dr Stan Theron, Shaphan Institute Of NZ
ph 09-479-8081, email:; or
or snail-mail: Box 65467, Mairangi Bay, NZ.
Missions Speakers Available
Wycliffe Bible Translators (NZ) have missionary speakers available to attend your home group, fellowship or church.
For further information contact Wycliffe Bible Translators (NZ):
Auckland: email
Wellington: email
Christchurch: email
Free Phone: 0508-992-543
CHRISTIAN SINGLES (CFF NEW ZEALAND) is the new web site of CFF(NZ) which details how Christian Singles throughout New Zealand can widen their circle of friends.
Visit this web site or contact:
Christian Friendship Fellowship (NZ), PO Box 1087, Nelson.
Phone/Fax 03 545 0720


Following a church leaders familiarization tour of the Holy Land earlier this year, Rev Laurie Ennor, Hoon Hay Presbyterian Church, Christchurch, is leading a similar tour in the first half of April 2001. Cost will be about $NZ6000, which includes return flights, hotel accommodation, dinners and breakfasts, and entrance fees to sacred sites. The total tour will be 12-13 days. An itinerary will be available by mid-June. Please email Laurie after 31 May: – or write to 4 Wyn Street, Hoon Hay, Christchurch 2. – Laurie.

Notices for this section advertise postions available to people of any denomination.

Christian Organisations
Ka Timata Alternative Education Programme
Youth for Christ, Gisborne
A co-ordinator is sought for the Ka Timata Alternative Education Programme. The ideal person is someone with a heart for mission, a desire to serve God and experience with ‘at-risk’ youth. YFC Vision is “That every young person in the Gisborne area has the opportunity to become a follower of Jesus Christ. We are committed to do whatever it takes to give young people this opportunity.” This position requires someone who is dedicated, willing to work hard, understands mission and is committed to the YFC Vision. The Ka Timata programme teaches pro-social and life skills, numeracy, literacy and outdoor education (especially surfing and skating) to nine ‘at-risk’ students. Alternative education, Youth Work, Teaching, Mission Experiences an advantage.
Closing date 29th January 2001
Fore further information and an application form contact:
Dave Tims
ph (06) 867 3634

Church Ministry
Missions Work Available


Christian Leaders’ Training College of Papua New Guinea.
A substantial poultry and agricultural business is operated in Papua New Guinea as part of the Christian Leaders’ Training College (CLTC). A senior manager is needed to oversee the business and service departments of the College in this mission situation. Contact: Garth Morgan, ph 09-834-3960; fax 09-834 3965; PO Box 45-060, Te Atatu, Auckland, e-mail:
Youth/Children’s Ministry

Dec 99
Large youth group at Howick Presbyterian Church seeks a dynamic and experienced youth leader. We have a group of around 100 young people aged 11 – mid-20’s?, a Sunday evening youth service and a range of other activities. The position is full time – and will be well-paid (salary plus various tax-free allowances). Further details on responsibilites, character, training and skills requried is available on request.
Please contact : Grahame Roberts, phhm 09-535-7699; phch 09-535-4403; email
Dec 99
Social Services

Employment Wanted

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