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“Listen I am giving you the words you must speak.
Today I give you authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.”
-Jeremiah 1:9-10

Your page to comment on major NZ current issues
from a Christian point of view.
We welcome articles in response to the ones below.


Anti Homosexual Video Legal Case

Ban Overturned News Reports

Same Sex Couples, Marriage, and the Law

Demise of the Family in the year 2000 – Graham Capill(a very detailed and important paper in view of submissions closing date of 7th July)
Same sex couples and the law – Arnold Turner
The Property Rights of Same Sex couples – Arnold Turner
Spouse or Partner? – Arnold Turner
Brian Brandon – VisionNet Newsletter Comment
Reflections on Study Leave
Harry Potter et al
Actually Nothing New – response from Mark Campbell
I Love Little Miracles
No Marijuana Decriminalisation
The Good Friday Holmes Show
Brian Hathaway – Just Wondering About
Cultural Diversity
What I Believe
Motivational Preaching
Building Empires
Ultimate Goals
Competion Is Not Christian
Evangelism’s Secret Weapon
Why Work?
Are motives important?
Our world vulnerable to economic collapse
Excitement isn’t everything
Does church planting work?
Preaching or hot air?
What is genuine revival?
Theology at Work
God’s Gift Unwrapped. Deb Burton studies `Grace’

VisionNet Comment Editorial Policy

1. This is a service to the Christian community and public of NZ. We will include articles of no more than 2,000 words, that are well researched, reasoned and relevant for the major and controversial issues facing NZ society today. You decide the issues. We are happy to include material that has already been published, or is to be published elsewhere as well.

2. We seek material from an orthodox Christian point of view, and will not necessarily publish all sides of an issue for that reason. We are looking for articles in the style of news and opinion, rather than sermons or Bible Studies. The VisionNet Comment Editor has the right to refuse to publish any article.

3. We will mainly wait for articles to be submitted to us, and will only accept them for publishing with the authors’ consent. We are mainly interested in NZ authors, or overseas people resident in NZ.

4. Articles will remain on site for as long as they are still of current interest.

5. We will not accept notices or advertising, on this page.

6. We will not enter into debate on any issues. Any correspondence is to be sent to the authors of the articles, not to VisionNet, though we welcome suitable articles of a different point of view to already published ones.

7. VisionNet and VISION New Zealand disclaim all responsibility for any specific views expressed, but require that they are within the standards of VisionNet.

8. This is a free service, and we do not pay for any articles published.

9. Any copyright restriction should be added by the author if it is to apply, otherwise articles will be without copyright, though we ask that the author and VisionNet be acknowledged.

10. Articles should be sent in by email – preferably in the body of the email itself – to avoid compatibiblity problems with different word processing programmes.

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