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VisionNet Email Forums are ways that New Zealand Christians can get together to share with each other on issues of interest to help us work together better whatever church we belong to.
The Forums were set up at the 1999 VISION NZ Congress, to enable those who worked in some of the discussion groups to further the work of specific areas of Christian ministry in New Zealand.

Forums connect you a group of people of similar interest so that your email messages can be sent to the whole group, and you receive email from other members of the group.

Who Can Apply

Only NZ Christians should apply
Those who have some experience of the theme of the particular forum.
Those who want to contribute to the discussion of the forum.
The forums are private and members of the forums should not pass on application information to others, but ask them to apply through the moderator.

How To Apply

You need to apply by email to the Moderator of the forum, explaining who you are. It would help if you explained your interest in the forum subject.
The Moderator will then give you the information of how to subscribe the forum.

Forums Available

Children – Jan Catley
Youth – Duncan MacLeod
Theology – Deb Burton
We hope that more forums will be available later
Have any queries? – just email me.
Brian Brandon