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Why Host My webpages on VisionNet?
My Web Address or Domain Name
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Your church now has a great opportunity to be displayed on the internet through VisionNet hosting.
NZ churches have only just started to realise the benefits of having their own webpages. In December 1996 there were just two church websites. In January 1998 there were about 35 local churches in New Zealand who had websites of their own, now in 2000, there are at least 186. But expect to see that number grow rapidly.

Christian organisations have got onto the internet faster than churches, as they realise the benefits to them of good communications. World Vision, Radio Rhema, Dynamite Bay, YWAM, The Gospel and Culture Trust, and the Bible College of New Zealand are a few of those who have excellent sites.

To help spread the gospel and share about your church with others the internet is a modern form of communication that has many advantages. Because you store information on a webserver, pages are accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Your work reaches to those who are interested, even in isolated places. You can continually update your information, and what you display remains in your control, unlike publishing through most secular media.

It is also cost effective communication. That is helped even further when churches are able to work together by hosting webpages on one site. VisionNet can offer big savings in costs if you host your webpages with us.

Why Be Hosted On Vision Net?
There is a cost advantage of not setting up another ISP account. If you as a pastor, or webmanager are already connected to the internet, there is no need to have another ISP account for your church in order to get a website, saving all those ISP fees.
Give your church a separate domain name. You don’t have to use a personal domain name for your church, which means that if you move, the church doesn’t have to change its domain.
Enable other people access to uploading to the website if required. A personal website should remain personal, but a VisionNet website will have its own password that can be used by whoever you want to upload to the site.
Avoid those nuisance banners on so called `free’ websites. There are some sites overseas who offer `free’ websites, but they fund this from advertising banners which they put on your pages which spoil the look of your page and distract the visitor.
Competitive rates for hosting on VisionNet. If you are not already connected to the internet, it will cost you setup fees to join, and domain name hosting charges if you have a registered domain. It is possible for you to get a basic display of webpages as I have described above for from $50 per year on VisionNet. Refer to charging system below. That is remarkably cheap advertising.
Annual Fees for Simplicity. No extra set up fees or traffic use fees.
My Web Address or Domain Name
If you have your website hosted on VisionNet you will have your own web address (URL) which can directly access your site.
This will either be

an extension of the VisionNet address. ie: <>,
or your own registered domain name ie: <>.
There is no extra charge for having a VisionNet address, but you will have to pay Domainz for setting up and maintaining your own domain name. ($83.25 initial cost and $59.63 per year thereafter).
We handle registering your domain name for you. If you already have a registered domain name, we can change the registration details for you.

Website Services

You upload or change your website as often as you like at no extra cost.
CGI scripts as arranged.
Basic counter or access to full visitor information as required..
Free email forum service for sites over 500kb.
General Advice to help you get the best out of your service
Monthly email newsletters from us to keep you up to date.
For those with a registered domain name we can supply you with two email addresses linked to that name for all sites under 200kb, and up to five email addresses for sites over that size.

Installing My Website

You will be able to load and maintain your website directly, preferably using an FTP programme.
When you are ready to install your website, our server coordinator will give you a password and a login ID for access to your site, and any help you need.

You should always keep your master copy of your website on your own computer, as a basis for updating, and for security purposes. We do not keep back-ups of your website for you.

While you may be able to estimate costs as you prepare material, VisionNet will work out the costs for you when material is inserted, and send you an invoice/statement.
Basic Fee: $50 per year for 100kb site (plus free membership)
50kb-500kb: plus $20 per 100kb per year.
500kb -1mb: plus $10 per 100kb per year.
1mb +: plus $2 per 100kb per year.
Additional Data Fees are cumulative. For example:
100kb website will cost $50/yr.
500kb website will cost $130/yr.
1mb website will cost $180/yr
2mb website will cost $200/yr.
5mb website will cost $260/yr
10mb website will cost $360/yr
There are no extra domain name or domain hosting charges, but if you have a registered domain, the normal Domainz charges apply.


Those hosted on VisionNet nominate the size of site they want to purchase at set up time, and the annual payment is based on that. We send you an account. If at any time you want to increase your website size, we ask that you request the increase from us, and we will send you an account for the increase.
Happy web publishing!