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Please note:
VisionNet is a site for listing only New Zealand Christian churches and organisations.

Free Listing and Free Link

A listing is placed on the `Church’ or ‘Christian Organisation’ search engine and classified by region and denomination (for churches) or category (for organisations). Any church or oganisation can have a free listing, even if they are not on the internet.

We will also put onto our directory, information which has been obtained through an arrangement with `Christian Contact’. Our lists for some areas are also supplied to them, to be included in their directory. Any listing which is not complete or inaccurate for this reason, please send in a correction by completing the application form below.

To apply for a free listing or link fill in the response form below. A free listing will contain the name and contacts of your organisation under the appropriate category and region on the search page. We can provide you with a free link to email or your own website. You should inform us whenever the information changes. Your application may be submitted by email or post.
Example 1: (listed under `Churches’) (not an actual church)
Main Presbyterian Church. – Presbyterian, Hamilton
12 Main Street, Hamilton. Contact: Rev John Apostle, 14 Main Street, Hamilton. ph: 07-847-1111.
Example 2: (listed under `Church Organisations’) (not an actual organisation)
Generous World Aid. President: Ms Betty Smith, P.O. Box 23456, Dunedin. ph: 03-477-5678. fax 03-477-5679. email: . website: (free links)

Changes to your free listing can be made at any time by submitting a revised application form below.

Description Listing
A paid service which is additional to your free listing and inserted as a highlighted message directly below your free listing. You may add up to 30 words to describe your church or ministry.

The more information you can share about your church, organisation, programme or event, the more support you will receive. This is a great way to advertise your service times and describe your church.

Cost: $12 per year. No charge for this if you are a VisionNet VIP Advertiser..

Example 3: Main Presbyterian Church . – Presbyterian, Hamilton.
12 Main Street, Hamilton. Contact: Rev John Apostle, 14 Main Street, Hamilton. ph: 07-847-1111. Sunday services – 10am & 7pm. Creche available. Alpha programme – Wednesdays 7pm. Boys and Girls Brigades. Seniors – Tuesdays 10am. A church for families, reaching out to the community.

May be posted in or sent by email. A Description Listing may be added to your free listing or changed at any time, but we would ask that you choose wording that is not going to require changing often.
All prices include GST
Payment should be made within one month of invoice/statement or we may remove your listing.

Where relevant, the address to e-mail information to is and the address to post information to is 22 Wyllie Road, Papatoetoe 1701, Auckland.
VisionNet Standards

VisionNet reserves the right to editorial control of material on this site.
We will only host or link to material from churches and groups which is in accordance with the foundational beliefs and practices of the Christian faith as expressed in the Scriptures, and summarised in the VISION New Zealand `Statement of Belief.

Because of the NZ Privacy Act 1993, any personal information that is not already publicly available, supplied to us for insertion on VisionNet, such as names of personnel, addresses, or website material, etc, is deemed to be given with the consent of the person/s concerned, and should have their full approval before submitting to us.

You also consent to us making the Christian church or organisation directory information available to other Christian organisations at our discretion.

Should you find personal (or any other) information on this site which is inaccurate, please immediately contact us with any corrections. There will be no charge for such changes.

Application Form
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Sending this application form implies your acceptance of the VisionNet standards. To make any corrections to an existing listing, please send another completed application form with the changes entered.